Vital Signs Simulator

Fluke Biomedical, Everett, Wash, offers the ProSim 8 vital signs simulator, a device designed as a complete monitor test tool. For use with PMs, incoming inspections, and post-repair testing, the device can perform complete PM simulation testing in 5 minutes. The ProSim 8 vital signs simulator offers total patient monitor quality and safety testing from noninvasive blood pressure, static pressure linearity, and dynamic pressure repeatability tests; EC13; ACLS ECG waveforms; and complete SpO2 testing from Nellcor and Nonin low perfusion to Masimo Rainbow SET SpO2 simulations.

The device also features specialized stay-connected ECG posts to ensure secure lead connections and no-hassle ECG testing. Wireless PC communication, customized presets, auto-sequences, bar code scanning, onboard memory, direct data capture, printing functions, and single-step adjustability enhance patient simulator testing productivity. Other features include physiologically synchronized pulses across all parameters; onboard, customizable patient presets and auto-sequences for fast and easy testing; a multilanguage user interface; and an integrated, easily replaceable, long-life battery.

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Medical-Grade Power Supply

Power protection equipment manufacturer Tripp Lite, Chicago, offers an agency-approved medical power strip, the PS-410-HGOEMCC, designed to supply power to mobile medical systems. The power strip is tested to UL 1363A and approved to supply power to plug-connected components of a movable medical equipment assembly that is rack-, table-, or pedestal-mounted.

Usable within patient care areas when installed as part of a UL 60601-1-compliant medical electrical system, it features 120V 15A electrical capacity with dual resettable circuit breakers, four hospital-grade receptacles with integral safety covers, and a 10-foot coiled power cord with a molded hospital-grade plug. The switchless design prevents accidental shutoff. Typical applications include mobile carts, IV poles, and other UL 1363A-certified usages.

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Depot Repair Services

DMS Topline Medical, Fargo, ND, a supplier of reconditioned biomedical and diagnostic imaging equipment, parts, and rentals, has expanded its medical equipment service offering with biomedical depot repair services. In addition, DMS Topline Medical increased its warehouse capacity by 5,000 square feet to accommodate six bench-repair spaces and a clean room, and it increased its inventory of in-demand biomedical parts in support of biomedical depot repair services. The repair services complement the company’s existing medical equipment and parts portfolio of used and reconditioned patient monitoring equipment, such as central stations; defibrillators; EKG machines; fetal and maternal monitors; modules; patient monitors; telemetry and associated biomedical parts; ultrasound machines, probes, and parts; and diagnostic imaging parts.

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Twin-Pin ECG Cables

Twin-pin connectors from connection solutions supplier Bioconnect, San Diego, are used in the conductive circuit from the patient to an ECG device. The shielded leads protect the weak ECG electrical waveforms from the effects of extraneous radio frequency, or RF, energy.

Because of its beneficial qualities, Bioconnect uses Santoprene as a primary molding material and outer insulation material in all of its standard ECG products, including the twin-pin leads.

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