Siemens Healthcare makes available its ImageScapes, customized thematic health care environments designed to calm and comfort patients of all ages and positively impact the patient experience.

ImageScapes customized health care environments include colorful, maintenance-free wraps of imaging equipment and walls; artistically designed, three-dimensional sculpted coverings that transform the look of an imaging system; and custom décor for exam rooms and waiting areas. For example, a sand castle façade placed over a CT system, combined with the sounds of waves and seagulls and the subtle aroma of coconut oil, can transport adult patient populations to the beach, according to Siemens.

Customized and scalable to meet health care providers’ needs and budgets, ImageScapes health care environments not only help facilities potentially improve patient satisfaction and avoid cancellations, but they also may increase levels of staff satisfaction by providing a more inviting work environment.

“How patients experience care will be viewed more critically than ever before, since HCAHPS (Hospital Consensus Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) scores directly impact a facility’s level of reimbursement,” said Gerhard Schmiedel, VP, x-ray products, Siemens Healthcare. “The unique, immersive settings provided by ImageScapes help to create a more soothing patient treatment environment that also helps health care providers distinguish themselves from their market competitors.”