Carestream's Vue RISCarestream has announced that its Vue RIS (radiology information system) was recently installed in Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers of Denver, Colo, to create a more streamlined clinical workflow that delivers most radiology reports within 1 to 2 hours to referring physicians. According to the company, urgent reports are delivered in as little as 10 to 15 minutes.

RIS workflow improvements include customized tabs that allow technologists to input data related to the patient’s current visit into forms that will be retained in RIS for use during subsequent visits. This is intended to create a more efficient workflow. Additionally, a special tab shows prior studies that radiologists use for comparison when reading a patient’s current exam. Another customized feature is the ability to enter data from the form each patient filled out during the previous visit. This prepopulated form is given to patients for review so they don’t have to fill out a new form at each visit.

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers offer CT and PET-CT imaging services, providing comprehensive cancer care throughout Colorado with 58 physicians treating patients in 19 locations. The group reportedly implemented the new RIS because it offers advanced features and interoperability with other systems.

“Vue RIS is interfaced with our PACS, EMR, patient scheduling system, and several radiology groups that read imaging studies we generate,” said Elaine McDonald, the group’s director of imaging services. “Physicians receive a notification in the EMR when radiology reports are available and they also can view imaging studies if desired.”

McDonald noted that referring physicians appreciate the group’s ability to deliver reports quickly, because it allows them to talk to patients about diagnostic and treatment options in a timely manner, which can help reduce patient anxiety. According to McDonald, Carestream customized the RIS to meet the cancer center’s requirements to further help save time for the radiologists, staff, and patients.

For more information about the Vue RIS, visit the Carestream website.