The virtual radiology environment (VRE) testing solution from QualiTest.

QualiTest Group, based in Fairfield, Conn., has released an improved virtual radiology environment (VRE) testing solution for picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). The offering builds upon the original solution with enhanced crowd testing and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, enabling vendors to scale more quickly.

QualiTest’s VRE automation accelerator leverages the company’s decade of experience in testing radiology industry solutions. It tests PACS for scalability and reliability, delivering a comprehensive answer for synchronized DICOM and HL7 traffic. The VRE solution increases DICOM and HL7 test coverage, reducing efforts and cost by up to 80%. Integrating seamlessly with the latest automation tools, the solution supports external scripting and merges fully with all other AI-driven systems.

The solution enables vendors to simulate all the network patterns and data flows that naturally occur in the radiology industry, using its enhanced AI capabilities to generate extensive volumes of data from limited sets of inputs.

“Ideally, every vendor would have the full capabilities for testing their software and simulating all relevant behaviors, but this isn’t the reality,” says Ayal Zylberman, CEO of QualiTest. “That’s why we created the VRE automation accelerator, allowing for the safe, anonymous storage of real, encrypted data from various vendors and modalities. With our enhanced features, we’re allowing vendors to not only test their server in real-life conditions, but to scale more quickly than ever before.”