Royal Philips Electronics, the Netherlands, is introducing a series of new, portable, compact patient monitors to observe and care for patients—and SureSigns VM3, available to health care providers in India, is its first patient monitor designed for emerging markets.

Growing per capita income and lifestyle changes, paired with new state-of-the-art hospitals and satellite facilities, have fueled demand for health care equipment across segments. The Indian patient monitoring-equipment market is estimated to reach $42 million in 2010.

The user-friendly unit offers ECG, respiration, and pulse oximetry, and features intuitive navigation and color displays. Its vital signs measurement and monitoring features can be used in many hospital departments, nursing homes, private practices, rural clinics, ambulances, and mobile facilities. The new SureSigns Vital Signs viewer complements VM-series monitors.

Philips Electronics India Limited, a subsidiary of the parent company, has been operating in India for more than 75 years and staffs more than 4,000 employees.

For more information, contact the company via e-mail or call +91 11 43529835.