A recent KLAS study, "HIE Consulting: Leveraging Third-Part Expertise for Health Exchange Information (HIE) Success," named Impact Advisors LLC, Chicago, a health care information technology consulting firm, the leader in the (HIE) consulting market. Specifically, KLAS named Impact Advisors as the only fully rated vendor providing HIE advisory and technical work.

The findings noted that Impact Advisors has a reputation for broad-based health care experience and for taking the lead in HIE consulting. Impact Advisors also had the most verified engagements (six) of any firm and scored highly among providers.  

Overall, providers see value in using consultants, and 96% of providers report benefits from engaging third-party firms. Impact Advisors ranked highest among the 13 firms included in the study offering HIE consulting. KLAS is an independent organization that rates more than 250 health care technology vendors and more than 900 products and services.