Fairview Health Services has selected the Universal Clinical Platform (UCP3) from Acuo Technologies as the company’s new vendor neutral archive solution. UCP3 will replace Fairview’s existing PACS archives and provide an enterprise foundation for future on-site and cloud-based clinical content management.

UCP3 will provide Fairview with access to all imaging data and a solution for facility, partner, and physician affiliation. The solution will also allow the elimination of redundant imaging archives throughout the health system.

As part of the Fairview implementation, Acuo will consolidate radiology and cardiology images from various PACS in the health system, while integrating other imaging systems and non-DICOM content. The UCP3 will be deployed in preparation of the installation of the replacement radiology PACS, and will allow Fairview the option of deploying only the new PACS front-end modules.