Vital Signs Simulator

Rigel Medical, Peterlee, UK, has upgraded its handheld vital signs simulator, the UNI-SIM, expanding the tests that the device can perform. The UNI-SIM is capable of undertaking six synchronized vital signs parameter tests simultaneously: NIBP, SpO2, ECG, temperature, IBP, and respiration functionality tests. Upgrades include full 12-lead arrhythmias, ST elevation and depression settings, and atrial and ventricular pacer simulations.

Now more compatible with other SpO2 technologies such as Philips, the simulator features enhanced precision NIBP simulations, static pressure test settings, and a wider availability of compatible monitor types and simulation modes. The simulator comes in a sling-style carrying case and can be integrated with the Rigel 288 handheld electrical safety analyzer and PC-software package. These upgrades make it easier for biomedical service engineers to transport the instruments between jobs and configure test solutions by combining all vital signs with electrical safety testing.

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Temperature-Tracking RTLS

RadarFind by TeleTracking Technologies, Morrisville, NC, is a real-time locating system (RTLS) network that includes a temperature-measuring tag that is National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable and certified to be waterproof and dust-proof for hospital facilities. The temperature-sensing features can wirelessly monitor refrigerators and freezers containing medications, blood and tissue samples, and other medical devices. Temperature data is transmitted through the sensor network and then reported via any Web-based computer, as well as continuously sent to RTLS plug-in readers. The network sends alerts when temperatures drop below preset parameters. Alerts range from flashing lights to e-mail or pager messages when temperatures fall below desired levels. The system delivers readings that are traceable to reference standards developed and maintained by the NIST. It also uses low amounts of power, extending the sensor battery life beyond 8 years. Suited to tracking assets and people without compromising a hospital’s Wi-Fi network, the system operates wirelessly via a radio frequency and can be installed while patients are in the room.

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