Oncologists have access to advanced imaging technologies for cancer patient care with the new Celesteion PUREViSION edition PET/CT system from Toshiba Medical, based in Tustin, Calif. The newest edition of Celesteion allows for ease and efficiency in PET/CT, CT simulation, and diagnostic CT exams, to help diagnose and treat oncology patients. The system’s patient-centered design can help deliver a safe and comfortable experience, facilitating better patient compliance.

The system was developed to present a significant advancement in PET/CT resolution and reconstruction. Offering 70 cm true field-of-view, as well as Toshiba Medical’s SUREFLiGHT reconstruction technology, including point spread function and time of flight techniques, the system offers oncologists sharp images and high contrast for improved visualization of small tumors throughout the body. The system’s PUREViSION 16-row CT detector assists in acquiring high-quality CT images, while SEMAR helps reduce artifacts caused by metal implants, allowing providers to view more clinical information.

Prioritizing patient comfort, the Celesteion PUREViSION Edition features a 90 cm wide CT bore that looks to create a sense of openness to put patients at ease and offers versatile positioning for optimal treatment planning. The system also comes standard with AIDR 3D iterative dose reduction technology.

“We developed the Celesteion PUREViSION Edition with our customers’ needs in mind,” says Dominic Smith, senior director, CT, PET/CT, and MR business units at Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. “Accuracy is everything when treating oncology patients and Toshiba Medical is committed to providing our customers with the high-quality imaging solutions they require to provide efficient, effective patient care.”