A new cancer care center in Wisconsin recently installed the Celesteion PET/CT system from Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc to provide patients with more accurate PET/CT scans.

The new Fox Valley Hematology & Oncology’s (FVHO) Health & Wellness Center, which opened in Appleton in September 2015, is using the Celesteion PET/CT system to image and plan treatment for cancer patients, and will open up a new service line in the future for orthopedic imaging. The center’s management team reports that the Celesteion can perform PET and CT imaging all at once, which eliminates the need to schedule multiple appointments, making imaging easier and faster for staff and patients.

According to the center, the Celesteion system produces clear images with little to no artifacts, especially with larger patients. Additionally, claustrophobic patients have responded positively to the system’s large bore, which gives them a feeling of openness and more room.

Toshiba’s Celesteion PET/CT system is designed to provide a more comfortable patient experience with its large bore (90 cm CT and 88 cm PET), an expansive field-of-view, and time-of-flight imaging. The system combines high-performance PET and CT for all radiation and oncology imaging needs, including tumor detection, treatment evaluation, and CT simulation. For patient safety, Celesteion comes standard with Toshiba’s advanced CT dose reduction technology, AIDR 3D.

According to Toshiba, the company developed the Celesteion with numerous patient-friendly features to help its customers meet the increasing demand for patient satisfaction. The aim was to allow providers like FVHO to provide high quality images and faster exams without sacrificing patient comfort and safety.

For more information about the Celesteion PET/CT system, visit the Toshiba America Medical Systems website.