Unisyn Medical Technologies Inc recently made a significant investment in its ultrasound probe repair operations and organization. The company invested in expansion and improvement of its probe repair facilities at its headquarters located in Golden, Colo.

The improvements will integrate Unisyn’s probe engineering and quality teams onto the floor of the probe repair facility, providing the opportunity for greater interaction and enhanced communication. Unisyn is also adding a new manufacturing clean room and expanding its parts depot repair capabilities. Other features of the expansion include the installation of fully operating MRI and CT test beds, as well as enhanced mammography and ultrasound test capabilities.

In other news, Unisyn has hired or promoted several employees. Rebecca Whitney has joined Unisyn as chief marketing officer, Derek Giulianelli has moved into a new position at Unisyn as national strategic account director, Bryan Gerzsenyi has joined Unisyn as national strategic account director, and James Ginther has been promoted to VP, probe engineering and operations.