Mobile devices and applications (apps) for them continue to expand. In the March issue of 24×7 in my “Up Front” column, I reported on the first diagnostic radiology app for mobile devices cleared by the FDA. With the new mobile radiology application from Cleveland-based MIM Software Inc, physicians can not only view medical images on the iPhone and iPad, but they can also make medical diagnoses based on images from CT, MRI, and nuclear medicine (such as PET) scans. These don’t replace a traditional workstation, but as clinicians become more mobile, the percentage of scans viewed this way will likely increase.

What do you think of this as it relates to your work? I’m interested in if you think these mobile devices will fall under your purview. Will they need calibration to ensure the lighting remains accurate enough to view the images? Should the mobile devices used in health care be deemed medical devices? Do you think they will provide enough accuracy to make correct diagnoses?

As for your own work, what app would you like to see created that will make your job easier? I can’t wait to hear what you think.