Kiran Medical Systems launched its Ultisys line of radiography products earlier this week at the Arab Health Convention in Dubai. The Ultisys system features a floor-mounted x-ray system with generator power options that range from 32 kW to 82 kW and a choice of tethered or wireless flat-panel detectors.

Kiran’s portfolio of radiology products includes the Infinity and Elite series surgical C-arm systems available in 3.5W and 5.0kW power output and the option of 1Kx1K digital imaging chain with advanced image processing capabilities. Such features include a comprehensive range of radiation protection products, as well as anti-scatter x-ray grids and imaging accessories including computed radiography systems.

With Kiran’s newly launched radiology equipment, smaller hospitals and diagnostic centers that previously couldn’t afford high-end radiologic technology will be able to install modern imaging equipment.

Commenting on the product launch, Kiran Medical Systems President Satyaki Banerjee, says: “Kiran is committed to the field of radiology and has been focusing extensively on research and development to develop smart-practical products that offer incredible clinical functionality at an affordable cost. The Ultisys direct radiography system is the first of wide range of product launches planned in 2017, which would include mobile x-ray and digital mammography systems.”

For more information about these products, visit Kiran Medical Systems.