I just bought a Mindray DP 6600 Vet and it was working perfectly with the two transducers. I turned if off without pressing the freeze button to change to another transducer, and now I just get a black screen. Everything else is turned on, the keyboard beeps when I press the buttons, but the operating system won’t start. Do you know what I can do to make it work again? Thank you!

A few things to check before proceeding with this issue:
1. Do you have a printout of the screen? Do you have a printer connected? If yes, can you get an image when you try to print?
2. Do you happen to have software in case you need to install a fresh copy?
3. Do you have any backup of the presets on that system?
4. Does the monitor have any indications of powering up? (LED, standby light, etc).
5. After you power it up, how much time do you give it before you determine that it won’t start up, then shut it down?

Let us know what you can find and we’ll be happy to help you out from here.

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