CMS Imaging, an independent sales and service organization, signed a premier value-added reseller (VAR) agreement with GE Healthcare to provide sales, service, and support the company’s Edison True PACS solution1 in the U.S.

This agreement will help remove barriers that organizations face in acquiring cutting-edge diagnostic radiology solutions, as CMS specializes in the sales and customized service of diagnostic medical imaging equipment from imaging manufacturers.

Edison True PACS is a multivendor AI-enabled modern diagnostic reading and workflow solution that is designed to help radiology organizations achieve enhanced levels of productivity and diagnostic accuracy. By leveraging a premier system and AI-enabled technologies, the solution provides a timely and affordable way to access GE and non-GE AI-enabled decision support.

“This momentous agreement signifies an exciting evolution for CMS Imaging,” says John Sloan, president and CEO of CMS Imaging. “As an Independent Sales and Service Organization, CMS Imaging curates a portfolio of healthcare software solutions and equipment to meet the needs of our customers. Our relationship as a VAR for GE Healthcare will help us realize our vision for full enterprise workflow with an offering of Edison True PACS, Avreo RIS, Avreo Teleradiology, Avreo Cloud VR, patient engagement, women’s health, RCM, and a robust cybersecurity framework to create unparalleled workflow.”

With a web-based diagnostic viewer and a zero-footprint clinical viewer, radiologists will benefit from the ability to remotely read imaging studies anytime, anywhere2 and assist referring clinicians to ultimately deliver timely, personalized, and precise care. Edison True PACS is designed to be deployed on AWS cloud3 via a SaaS model or on premise.

“Through our VAR relationship with CMS Imaging, GE Healthcare’s innovative PACS solutions – once reserved only for large organizations – are now more easily available, manageable and affordable to smaller organizations that may lack the resources to acquire and manage a robust AI-enabled PACS,” says Mark Fleeman, VP of commercial at GE Healthcare. “With the growing shift to healthcare delivery that is more distributed and virtual, Edison True PACS helps enable a world where radiologists can work without walls and on-site limitations to help improve clinical and operational efficiencies that can ultimately help transform patient care.”


  1. Edison True PACS is a solution made up of Universal Viewer, Enterprise Archive, Centricity Universal Viewer Zero Footprint Client and 3rd party AI applications via Edison AI Orchestrator. Available in the U.S.A. only.
  2. Anywhere the Internet is available
  3. Available in the U.S.A. only.