I have a Sequoia running 9.51 s/w that I get complaints of “swimming in the image even when you freeze the image.” We pay for the service codes from Siemens so I have run all diagnostics down to individual boards and do not get any “brat” votes or any indication of hardware failure. The area has two machines running at the same s/w level so I started swapping the boards one by one from the unit they do not complain about to the unit they complain about. At this point, the “good” machine has the RDP, IOV, CN, both TXs and both BFs out of the “bad” machine.

The sonographers do not know that I have swapped the boards; I just tell them I have made some adjustments. They have not once complained about the “good” machine and still say the “bad” machine looks the same. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!

There are a variety of sources for swimming artifacts. The fact that it occurs when the system is frozen would lead me toward either low frequency noise (hum) in the monitor power supply or possibly the MDI (suite case) system power supply. I would also check to be sure you had a solid chassis ground.

Another more remote but possible source of this type of interference could be an adjacent room with a strong magnetic field. I had an intermittent monitor distortion problem that turned out to be an MR trailer that would park outside a blind wall adjacent to my ultrasound system. It was the only system of the three in the department that manifested this problem because of its proximity to the trailer’s parking pad.

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