I have a GE voluson 730 expert. When I boot it up the main screen has an egg timer symbol and the touch screen has nothing on it. I then turn it off and wait a few seconds and restart. I have to press F1 to start and it boots fine and the touch screen is OK.

I then have to reset the time and date, which makes me think the CMOS battery is dead. I looked around the back of the scanner and I do not know how to remove the cover to replace it. Can you help?

To replace the CMOS battery on the SBC board you need to remove the metal cover on the back of the system. There are two screws that hold the metal cover on the back of the system. Remove this cover to access the GEF box. Then, disconnect all cables and take the GEF box out of the system.

The GEF box holds all system PCBs including the SBC where the CMOS battery resides.

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