CME Medical, a developer in the specialist infusion pump field, announced it has partnered with eZono AG, a company that focuses on ultrasound for procedural guidance, to distribute the eZono 4000 needle guidance system. CME Medical, an England-based company that has a reputation for providing education, support, and training across the industry, reports that its distribution partnership with eZono AG is a natural extension of its existing portfolio in IV therapy.

According to the announcement, the eZono 4000 provides advanced functionality for procedural guidance, improving simplicity and reliability for clinicians requiring a wide range of applications and procedures in multiple clinical settings. The eZono 4000 features eZGuide FreePlane Navigation, a needle guidance system technology that enables clinicians to target the desired anatomy in or out of plane without any additional hardware or proprietary needles. This feature, according to both companies, reduces costs and improves efficiency and accuracy.

CME Medical reports that it is educating existing and potential customers on the benefits of the eZono 4000. Due, in part, to the product’s eZGuide FreePlan Navigation needle guidance system, the eZono 4000 benefits deliver greater precision and accuracy, cost savings, increased patient comfort, and reduced puncture attempts and infection rates. The eZono 4000 also includes Cue Card onboard education, which offers detailed step-by-step instructions and 3D anatomical illustrations.

“With CME Medical’s reputation for providing expert training and advice to ensure their products are used safely and effectively, we know we are partnering with a company that shares the same values,” said Tracey Byard, general manager at eZono. “Our training with the CME Medical team has already begun and we will continue to work together to increase existing product knowledge.”

For more information about eZono 4000, visit the CME Medical website.