Air Products, Lehigh Valley, Pa, has announced a new technology that it says reduces the loss of normally vented oxygen by as much as 30% from a multicryogenic tank system that supplies hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment centers. According to the company, these results come from an installation of the technology at the Saint Peter’s University Hospital’s Wound Care Center and Hyperbaric Services unit in Monroe Township, NJ.

Unlike conventional medical oxygen supply systems, the Air Products system first pulls oxygen in the form of a gas, rather than a liquid, to eliminate a rise in the tank’s pressure. This reduces oxygen loss by venting that would otherwise result. Because many oxygen uses are intermittent, such as with hyperbaric chambers and other hospital applications, a conventional supply system may experience significant losses of cryogen or oxygen when the end use is temporarily stopped, the company says. The new supply system was designed to meet these challenges to minimize any gaseous oxygen losses.

Depending on volume requirements, the new supply system can work with a variety of medical and industrial gases applications that employ batch or intermittent usage or start-and-stop consumption.