A new fall management system from RF Technologies, Brookfield, Wis, features an adjustable-volume alarm. If the volume is at the minimum setting, all alarms at the unit will be silent, helping reduce noise levels and alarm fatigue for a quieter environment.

The CA630 alarm unit connects to no-slip bed or chair sensor pads in addition to the nurse call cord. If weight is removed from the pad, or the call cord plunger is pressed, caregivers are notified instantly via an audible or silent alert at the alarm unit as well as an alert at the central computer station.

Calls for assistance can be routed to mobile phones, pagers or LED displays with the location for immediate notification and a faster response. Software stores alarm data so staff can review response times, care times, and generate reports for the Joint Commission, families, and community management. The unit can run on battery or AC power to accommodate mobile or stationary monitoring.