Real-time location system (RTLS) provider Ekahau Inc announced on June 19 that its RFID-over-Wi-Fi asset tracking solution was implemented over the Cisco WLAN at Palmetto Health in Columbia, South Carolina. In conjunction with RTLS tags, the company’s software helps caregivers instantly locate infusion pumps and other vital medical equipment on web-accessible facility maps. Ekahau RTLS is also integrated with Cisco’s Mobility Services Engine (MSE), which centralizes location data across two Palmetto Health campuses and improves the ease of data sharing on-site.

According to the company, its software also minimizes inventory shrinkage at Palmetto Health by generating alerts if equipment enters user-defined “restricted” zones such as exit areas. In addition, Ekahau Vision software automatically measures equipment par levels and asset utilization rates, providing information that can improve long-term equipment placement strategies, purchasing plans, and overall availability.