In order to curb the potentially harmful misconnections that are all but inevitable in the cluttered cluster of cables and tubes in the modern hospital room, ECRI is hosting an audio conference Wednesday, March 21 titled, “Tubing Misconnections: Preventing Serious Patient Safety Risks.”

During the conference, expert speakers will provide insight on the prevention of misconnections through selecting the proper equipment, process/policy considerations, and staff training.

The latest audio conference in ECRI’s Roadmap to Patient Safety Series is targeted at nursing directors, patient safety officers, biomedical engineers, and other health care professionals. The conference begins at 1 pm EDT, and will include a discussion of typical safety risks with device misconnections, design features that discourage user error, and strategies to reduce the risk.

To register for audio conferences, or to order conference recordings and materials from past seminars, visit the organization’s Web site.