Aug28 SiemensSOMATOM-DefinitionFlash-scannerSiemens Healthcare announces that every new system in its SOMATOM computed tomography (CT) product line complies with the new Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) XR-29 Standard Attributes on CT Equipment Related to Dose Optimization and Management.

Siemens stated it worked closely with MITA to develop the new XR-29 standard, also known as MITA Smart Dose. XR-29 bundles four key features of CT equipment designed to help physicians and technologists optimize and manage radiation dose: DICOM Dose Structured Reporting, or DICOM SR; preloaded pediatric and adult reference protocols; automatic exposure controls (Siemens’ Care Dose4D feature), and CT Dose Check (Siemens’ dose alert and dose notification features).

The product line includes the SOMATOM Emotion, the SOMATOM Definition AS family, the SOMATOM Definition Flash (pictured), the SOMATOM Definition Edge, and the SOMATOM Perspective.