Innovatus Imaging has launched a preventive maintenance program designed to help imaging departments offset the costly expenses of owning and operating transesophageal echocardiology, or TEE probes, which are used to create images of the heart via the esophagus.

The new program, SafeTEE, was built around nearly 40 years of data from proprietary research to identify failure rates across makes and models, timelines for replacing parts before they start to fail, and best practices for sustainable repairs that extend the life of each device.

These highly specialized TEE Probes costs $30,000-$50,000 new from the original equipment manufacturer and may also experience catastrophic failures every few months. This program aims to deliver timely preventive maintenance services and assessments to identify issues that could lead to catastrophic failures before irreversible damage occurs.

Data collected suggests that TEE probes have an annual failure rate of 65%-100%. Actual failure rates are dependent upon the practices in-place and the level of care and handling occurring at each facility. By addressing items of wear through preventive maintenance, TEE probe lifecycles may potentially be extended.

This proprietary program is available to all facilities and will be priced according to TEE probe inventory and estimated service volume for each client. 

In addition to services provided under the SafeTEE program, Innovatus Imaging will provide educational webinars to facility staff, employees, and process analysis reviews for individual imaging departments.