Summary: Capital MBS has launched flexible financing options for the medical and dental fields, partnering with trusted banks to help healthcare providers acquire advanced equipment without significant upfront costs or delays.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flexible Financing: Capital MBS provides new flexible financing options for medical and dental equipment.
  • Partnerships: Collaborations with trusted banks facilitate access to advanced technology.

Equipment finance company Capital MBS announced that it is offering new flexible financing options for the medical and dental fields. 

Importance of Advanced Medical Technology

By partnering with trusted banks, the company aims to help healthcare providers get the advanced equipment they need without big upfront costs or long waits.

As healthcare continues to evolve, having access to the latest medical technology is crucial. Capital MBS offers financing solutions that make it easier for doctors and dentists to get the tools they need to provide care.

Capital MBS Financing Offerings

  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: MRI machines, CT scanners, X-ray systems
  • Surgical Instruments: State-of-the-art surgical and robotic systems
  • Dental Technologies: Digital imaging systems, CAD/CAM machines, dental lasers
  • Patient Care Equipment: Hospital beds, monitors, and patient management systems
  • Laboratory Equipment: Analytical instruments, centrifuges, lab automation systems

To access financing options, the company offers an online application. Through the application process healthcare professionals can secure needed funding.