Dale Gelskey, DrPH, CEO of Diagnostic Imaging Specialists Corp (DISC) announces the appointment of Patrick R. Pyers as the company’s new president.

Previously, Pyers worked for Keithley Instruments, and spent the past decade at Unfors USA where he served as the company’s president. Pyers has experience in both growing companies and expanding product recognition.

“Looking back over the past 10 plus years has been very rewarding and educational for me,” Pyers says. “I look forward to the days ahead at DISC and promoting DISC’s unique technology while expanding the company worldwide.”

DISC, headquartered in St Malo, Manitoba, Canada, specializes in quality assurance/control and calibration instruments. The company manufactures the AMX 110, 2, 3, and AMX IV Plus replacement batteries, as well as products to assess, calibrate, and balance AEC and CR plate readers.