VitalConnect, Inc., San Jose, Calif., has launched its VitalPatch RTM mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) solution. According to the company, VitalConnect now offers the only cardiac monitoring solution available with a flexible, programmable platform covering multiple cardiac monitoring needs. Uniquely, the platform allows for continuous, real-time cardiac arrhythmia detection while simultaneously measuring patient physiological parameters.

“The launch of a mobile cardiac telemetry offering is another example of VitalConnect providing best-in-class solutions for monitoring patients and advancing care,” says Peter Van Haur, CEO of VitalConnect. “This offering makes VitalConnect the only company combining live cardiac and simultaneous physiological parameter monitoring, providing a full view of secure, real-time, and historical patient data.”

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The VitalConnect system provides healthcare professionals full access to real-time patient information which is also analyzed by certified cardiac monitoring technicians through VitalConnect’s own independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF). The VitalPatch RTM uses a wireless low-energy Bluetooth connection to transfer clean, high-fidelity ECG signals to the secure VitalCloud during the monitoring period. In addition to ECG, the biosensor also streams data on four key vital signs: heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, and activity, providing a more complete view of a patient’s condition.

“Having a solution that combines multiple cardiac modalities in one device is exceptionally helpful for patient care,” says Robert Fishel, MD, president and founder of Florida Electrophysiology Associates, Florida’s largest group of heart rhythm specialists. “Not only can I capture all of the data I need with VitalPatch RTM, but the fact that it’s light and easy to wear helps with patient compliance, giving peace of mind to the patient and the care team. This technology helps monitor and identify patients with arrhythmias in real time and provides information to physicians before the damage of the arrhythmia has been done. In my view, a cloud-based, near real-time or real-time solution is the only way to go when diagnosing and treating potentially life-threatening arrhythmias.”

Coupled with this launch, in November 2020 VitalConnect announced the launch of its Extended Holter Now service, which offers an interim diagnostic report after five days of monitoring, providing additional insight that may shorten the monitoring period for select patients. The VitalPatch biosensor is extremely patient friendly as it is slim, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to apply. These features help ensure high patient compliance for extended monitoring periods as patients have a flexible patch with no assembly or charging, ensuring minimal disruption.