Researchers at the Mayo Clinic conducted a study in which single-lead ECG tracings from an Apple Watch interpreted by an artificial intelligence algorithm effectively identified patients with a weak heart pump.

“Using simplified ECG data taken from an Apple Watch, researchers at the Mayo Clinic were able to use an artificial intelligence algorithm to spot people whose hearts may be having trouble pumping blood out to the rest of the body. 

The condition—known as low ejection fraction, where a smaller percentage of blood is pushed out of the heart with each beat—is linked with worsening heart failure and can go undetected with no signs or symptoms or be associated with shortness of breath or blood pooling in the legs.

“Left ventricular dysfunction—a weak heart pump—afflicts 2% to 3% of people globally and up to 9% of people over age 60,” said Paul Friedman, M.D., chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.”

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