Cardiac Insight, Inc., Bellevue, Wash., specializes in wearable cardiac sensors and proprietary software that automatically analyzes electrocardiogram (ECG) data to improve early detection and diagnosis of cardiac arrythmias, such as atrial fibrillation (AFib). The company announces new software advancements for its Cardea SOLO ECG System.

The Cardea SOLO, with its proven arrythmia analysis technology, includes enhancements to the comprehensive report generation and clinical editing tools for the full disclosure data, creating efficiencies and reduced processing time for clinicians. In addition, the update offers a new option for HL7 interface, streamlining electronic data transfer between healthcare clinics.

Cardea SOLO combines a single-use patient-friendly wearable ECG sensor with 100% in-clinic automated analysis software managed by clinicians, which the company says is the only solution of its kind. The platform enables hospitals and private practice cardiologists and electrophysiologists to eliminate costly ECG report analysis outsourcing and the long wait times to get those reports back. Cardea SOLO facilitates improved patient care and better patient compliance while keeping patient data securely in-house and enhancing overall cybersecurity.

“Cardiac Insight strives to constantly evolve to meet the growing demands of health systems, clinicians, and patients,” says Brad Harlow, Cardiac Insight’s CEO. “Unlike other ambulatory ECG offerings that require data to be sent to third-party providers, we simplify the process and enable clinicians to bring it in-house. Patients and clinicians shouldn’t have to wait weeks or even over a month for results. We enable immediate results, shortening the time to diagnosis and treatment. The latest update makes data analysis easy and gets the necessary information into the physician’s hands quicker and in turn delivers a diagnosis back to the patient as quickly as possible.”

The Cardea SOLO wearable single-use ECG sensor is typically applied to the patient in a hospital, clinic, or physician’s office. It can also be shipped directly to the patient for easy in-home application through Cardiac Insight’s Cardea SOLO convenient telehealth program.

After an optimal seven-day wear period, the patient removes and returns their sensor to their physician’s office by mail or in person. Cardea SOLO’s robust, algorithm-based ECG software produces a comprehensive report which facilitates direct clinical decision-making, reducing the overall time to diagnosis and treatment.

“We remain committed to driving early detection of cardiac arrythmias and disrupting the current care delivery model to make it more patient-centric,” continues Harlow, “especially as we see the increased utilization of ECG technologies.”

Featured image: Cardea SOLO wearable single-use ECG system (Credit: Cardiac Insight)