Nashua, NH-based startup BraveHeart Wireless Inc announces a strategic agreement with Analog Devices, Inc. to collaborate on a complete, end-to-end remote patient monitoring (RPM) system. BraveHeart and Analog Devices will work together to incorporate BraveHeart’s U.S. FDA 510(k)-cleared Bravo1 RPM platform as a component of Analog Devices’ vital sign monitoring infrastructure. The collaboration between BraveHeart and Analog Devices will provide healthcare partners with access to a range of healthcare sensing technologies built on the foundation of a medical-grade RPM platform.

“We are thrilled to be working with Analog Devices to further refine our innovative remote patient monitoring platform,” says Steve McCalmont, CEO of BraveHeart Wireless. “ADI’s sensor and signal chain expertise, as well as commitment to grow their healthcare business with an eye towards vertical integration created an ideal collaboration opportunity for BraveHeart. Working together, we feel we will be offering a platform that will outperform others in the market and transform the way patients are monitored at home.”

BraveHeart’s Bravo1 platform is customizable and features a multi-sensor, reusable, rechargeable wearable patch module, a communications gateway, mobile applications, and cloud data management. BraveHeart’s approach to RPM incorporates an open architecture allowing for sensor expansion, open data access, and integration into systems such as electronic medical record platforms. Both real-time and intermittent remote vital signs monitoring are possible. The wearable patch is designed to drive compliance and better patient outcomes while minimizing the cost per use.

“Analog Devices is excited to collaborate with healthcare innovators,” says Adrian Fox, director of digital healthcare systems at Analog Devices. “Braveheart Wireless’ configurable multimodal chest platform is ideally suited for accelerating healthcare insight development. Our work with Braveheart will create an intuitive device-to-cloud platform for collecting clinical vital sign information via Analog Devices’ sensors, enabling the development of advanced healthcare analytics.”

Click here to see Braveheart’s Bravo1 patient monitor in action.