Healthcare Technology Group (HTG), a Nashville, Tenn.-based leader in delivering healthcare technology solutions, announces a new agreement for medical equipment management and repair services with St. Louis-based Intalere, a healthcare GPO known for delivering solutions designed for improved financial, operational, and clinical health for their members. 

Through this agreement, Intalere members will receive negotiated pricing on HTG’s custom, flexible asset management plans to assist with the management and maintenance of medical devices across their member facility. The new HTG agreement is currently effective through the end of 2023. HTG’s suite of services includes clinical asset management solutions, healthcare technology consulting, and healthcare technology management temporary labor solutions.

“The benefits of this dynamic partnership are significant for Intalere’s 100,000+ members across the United States, who will now have access to new clinical asset management solutions geared toward significant cost savings and the optimization of their technology management programs,” says HTG’s President and CEO Steve Cannon. He also notes that the new agreement aligns strongly with HTG’s strategic goal of offering asset management solutions and programs to the widest number of systems and providers nationally, both urban and rural.

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