Penn State Health has selected Nuvolo Connected Workplace along with First Health Advisory services to support its operational technology (OT) security program for an extensive network of medical devices and facilities systems.  

The multi-hospital health system serves patients and communities across 29 counties in central Pennsylvania, managing thousands of medical devices along with healthcare facilities systems such as security, fire, HVAC, and more. The addition of Paramus, N.J.-based Nuvolo’s Connected Workplace OT Security solution will help ensure their network-connected devices are properly inventoried, monitored, and secured against threats. 

This solution leverages Nuvolo Connected Workplace to maintain a single, trusted inventory of all connected and non-connected devices. The inventory contains detailed device profiles such as maintenance history, warranty, and service contract information, along with the device owner’s name, device location, and device usage information.  

Nuvolo combines detailed device context with the latest security information from sources like the National Institute of Standards and Technology vulnerability management data as well as information from a device monitoring solution to help security teams quickly assess unusual activity. Nuvolo provides out-of-the-box integrations with the leading OT device monitoring tools to simplify and automate the process for OT security response, remediation, and risk mitigation. 

Nuvolo has automated workflows to orchestrate a response, which includes work orders to alert an authorized clinical engineer, facilities technician, or cyber specialist to address any issues or risks on a device. This approach includes device tracking and ticketing, so the IT security team and OT support teams have a real-time status on the progress. 

So, when a security event occurs, the IT, clinical engineering, and facilities teams have detailed device context, know who to alert or dispatch, and can prioritize response based on threat risk and the number of devices affected. 

Nuvolo officials say this makes their solution an ideal fit to support Penn State Health’s goal of rapidly responding to security events that might impact quality of care, enabling them to deliver better outcomes for patients and employees across their organization.