Twinsburg, Ohio-based reLink Medical announces that Gregory Hemphill has joined their executive team as vice president of products. Hemphill joins reLink after having spent the last 15 years in the healthcare industry, primarily in roles focused on how to improve the customer experience and enhance the way buyers and sellers interact.

“reLink began in 2014 as a company designed to help in the removal and repurposing of medical devices in an environment where formal processes were lacking,” says Jeff Dalton, president and CEO of reLink Medical. “We have now begun to realize that with the proper focus on optimizing not only the process through which retired devices are acquired, but more importantly, the channels through which those devices are marketed, we are able to maximize the value to both buyer and seller.”

“We feel confident that Greg will play a key role in helping us to identify new markets and more effectively and creatively market our products and services,” Dalton adds.

Hemphill also spoke out about his new appointment, commenting: “I am extremely excited to be working with reLink. We are bringing structure to an overlooked component of the equipment lifecycle, by providing a multi-listing service, which matches the right equipment to the right buyer at the right time. At the heart of this is our unique and robust technology platform which provides visibility into the entire process.”

“Our solution provides such an impact to facilities the instant they register,” Hemphill adds. “My role is to streamline and expand our multi-listing services, identify additional buyers whom would benefit from the excess hospital equipment we bring in-house, and layer in an ecommerce platform for shopping of our inventory.”

In addition to having received his B.S. in advertising and marketing from Kent State University, Hemphill has endeavored in several entrepreneurial ventures during his career including real estate and video production, and will bring a unique blend of experiences to the leadership team at reLink.