Santa Clara, Calif.-based Ordr, a leader in security for Internet of Things (IoT) and unmanaged devices, announced a new partnership with HSS Technology Services, a managed security services provider that specializes in high-risk environments like healthcare, where safety and security are essential.

As part of the partnership, HSS will immediately give customers the option of incorporating Ordr into their Spotlight services offering. Spotlight is a medical device security services program that aims to address challenges facing healthcare organizations, such as cyberattacks resulting in compromised devices that impact patient safety, protected patient information, and network security. New HSS customers will have full access to Ordr’s capabilities as a component of the Spotlight service offering.

The Spotlight program has already been embraced by numerous healthcare leaders. “The Spotlight program takes the stress and effort off of managing the cyber risks of medical devices by combining Ordr’s unmatched visibility into medical devices and risks, with a managed services team that can help us address them,” says Mark Heston, director of clinical engineering, Children’s Hospital Colorado.

The HSS Spotlight program using Ordr technology is ideal for small and mid-sized healthcare providers. Using Ordr as a premier asset discovery tool, customers will be able to discover and classify connected devices and identify vulnerabilities across thousands of medical device models. HSS will correlate device and risk insights from Ordr with its proprietary vulnerability database, and provide real-time support to its customers, including a full-time technician who will be on-site to remediate vulnerabilities.

HSS technicians will be armed with a prioritized plan for addressing risks over time with consistent and thorough maintenance and security efforts. HSS will provide vulnerability remediation via patches and updates and work with security and network teams on protection best practices. HSS can rapidly respond to customer issues and collaborate with them to maintain high levels of security preparedness.

“Healthcare organizations are facing a number of challenges, including increasing regulations, increasing threat of cyberattacks, and financial insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Kirsten Benefiel, CEO of HSS. “The HSS Spotlight program using Ordr technology is one way healthcare systems can retake control, allowing them to reduce the risk in their organizations, improve patient safety, and create efficiencies that will create a return on their financial investment.”

Healthcare organizations have on average 10 to 15 connected devices per bed. The dramatic rise in the number of cyberattacks on hospitals and the expanded attack surface from these devices create real risk for these organizations, particularly those with medical devices using older or proprietary operating systems. HSS using Ordr technology protects these healthcare organizations, allowing them to identify all medical devices, prioritize their risks, and ensure they are maintained with the latest security patches to ensure they do not become a threat vector for a potential attack.

“We are excited to partner with HSS and combine our technology with their on-the-ground expertise to address the needs of small and mid-sized healthcare providers,” says Greg Murphy, CEO of Ordr.