Mobility Exchange, a prominent provider of healthcare technology solutions that prioritizes enhancing patient care and mitigating clinical burnout, has recently revealed a rebranding initiative under the name ‘MobexHealth.’ The purpose of this move is to establish a consistent and recognizable identity for their range of digital technology solutions.

“We believe that our revamped name accurately reflects not only what we do but also who we are. We’re dedicated to providing easy-to-use and comprehensive solutions that improve patient care while reducing the clinical burden and decreasing hospital costs,” says Ron Patterson, CEO of MobexHealth. MobexHealth’s suite of products is designed by seasoned executives and medical advisors with the expertise needed to transform today’s overburdened healthcare system. Their solutions have been embraced by some of the largest payors, home care providers, hospital systems, private practices, and local agencies alike. “Our focus remains on delivering access to quality healthcare for everyone. Our commitment is unwavering as we continue our efforts towards this goal,” adds Patterson.

MobexHealth logo

The mobile software platforms MobexHealth offers provide valuable resources and insights into patient behavior patterns, allowing for proactive interventions before acute events occur. To cater to the different stages of the healthcare continuum, MobexHealth has developed a comprehensive portfolio of products. This includes MobexHealth Hub, which focuses on post-acute care management, Long-Term Services, and Supports (LTSS), and can support the continuum of care from the hospital to discharge to home care. MobexHealth Community Kiosks are specifically designed to provide underserved populations and communities, homeless shelters, and much more with valuable digital resources.

Furthermore, MobexHealth offers MobexHealth+, a platform housing the client’s choice of applications to create a purpose-built environment to support content, and applications with a focus on populations like Behavioral Health, Maternal Support, and many more. Finally, MobexHealth Family Connect is a platform that empowers family members to effectively manage the care of their elderly parents or grandparents.

With their product offerings, MobexHealth is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance healthcare delivery, improve workflows, and enable proactive care interventions, ultimately improving patient outcomes.