Salt Lake City-based oneSOURCE announces that its Long-Term Care Database for Infection Prevention is now available and includes thousands of Instructions for Use (IFUs) and other manufacturers’ documents for the cleaning and sterilization of reusable medical and non-medical equipment found in long-term care and assisted living facilities. Access to the Long-Term Care Database for Infection Prevention will aid in keeping patients and staff safe as well as maintaining compliance requirements set forth by leading governing agencies for infection prevention such as CDC, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

“Over the last few months, COVID-19 highlighted how easily infectious diseases can spread within long-term care and assisted living facilities where high-risk populations live. oneSOURCE has a unique opportunity to provide this sector of the medical field with resources that will aid in managing infection prevention,” says JackSpeer, co-founder and president of oneSOURCE. “We want to change the narrative and feel it’s our responsibility to create the safest environment for all patients and, through our easy-to-use and convenient database, we will continue to connect medical professionals with the tools they need to thrive.” 

Long-term care and assisted living facilities will receive a curated supply of applicable manuals and documents related to medical and non-medical grade equipment utilized in a facility. With a focus on manuals and parts lists for items such as laundry equipment, beds, personal protective equipment, patient monitoring devices, electric razors, walkers, glucometers, gait belts and more, facility workers will be equipped with effective and functional methods to properly maintain compliance according to CDC, CMS and OSHA. 

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, these procedures will help facilities provide quality patient care and mitigate infection prevention by also emphasizing accurate sterilization processes. “As we’ve seen with long-term care facilities around the country, safety and maintenance play a vital role in saving people’s lives, especially vulnerable populations,” says Heather Thomas, CMO and executive vice president of sales and marketing of oneSOURCE.

“In their recent guidance related to COVID-19, the [American Health Care Association] and National Center for Assisted Living recommended that long-term care centers immediately ensure that they’re cleaning and disinfecting non-disposable medical equipment ‘according to manufacturers’ instructions’ and we’re here to make that as easy as possible for providers,” Thomas adds. “COVID-19 has only intensified our resolve to provide powerful healthcare solutions to every facet of the medical industry.”