Insignia Medical Systems has announced a 5-year renewal of its contract with Medica, who provides an NHS-equivalent reporting solution in the United Kingdom.

Medica first selected Insignia as its PACS provider in 2007. Insignia provides Medica’s digital imaging services through its InSight PACS, serving more than 250 radiologists who report over 1.3 million images a year and represent more than 100 UK trusts.

Each UK trust has an Insignia departmental server connected to its PACS, and Medica has a central IMS and departmental server to manage these complex workflows. Medica’s NightHawk, emergency CT, and MR reporting in less than an hour, and DayHawk, daytime reporting in under an hour, services rely on Insignia’s technology.

“As a company dedicated to UK customers, we are very pleased to continue our successful relationship with Medica,” says Richard Dormer, managing director of Insignia Medical Systems. “Being able to support so many NHS trusts and their patients is testament to our beliefs as a company, and our relationship reflects our shared ethos of working together to improve patient care.”