Esaote North America has inked a three-year deal with Magnet Group, a specialty group purchasing organization serving approximately 9,000 providers including hospitals, alternate care facilities, physician practices, and clinics. The new agreement provides Magnet Group members with full access to Esaote North America’s imaging portfolio and services, including the MyLab ultrasound portfolio and its dedicated MRI product line. 

“Our imaging portfolio is uniquely suited for the demands of the hospital, imaging centers, and in-office clinic settings by offering scalability without compromising image quality or efficiency,” says Robert Lewis, Esaote’s president and general manager. “Our mission is to draw upon our legacy of supplying our customers with diagnostic imaging solutions dedicated to enabling positive patient outcomes that have operational, economic, and clinical benefits across a variety of applications.”

Moreover, Esaote North America’s ultrasound systems and MRI platforms are built on a Windows 10 operating system for optimal security and equipped with advanced workflow enhancements to help enable users to optimize workflow and increase efficiency. Also, the Dedicated MRI product line combines high performance and ease of use for a variety of clinical areas.

Magnet Group members can access Esaote North America’s suite of products on the Magnet Group website under the “Radiology” category.