With a strong track record of leadership in customer experience development and sales, Cam Conklin was recently promoted to vice president of global sales and marketing for Pittsburgh-based Innovatus Imaging. In this role, Conklin will oversee the development of customer experiences, sales, and marketing programs for all of Innovatus Imaging’s service and product offerings, which include ultrasound probe and transducer repair, MRI coil repair, and radiography equipment systems and field service.


Conklin has served in leadership roles for the past 15 years at Bayer Healthcare and MEDRAD, developing and leading programs that drive reciprocal value for clients and brands. His vision and programs have resulted in significant revenue and profitability gains for suppliers and customers whom he has served, Innovatus Imaging officials say. Conklin also previously served at Healthpoint.


“We are grateful to recognize Cam for the substantial contribution he has made to Bayer Healthcare, and now Innovatus Imaging, in terms of added values for our clients, and added profitability for our programs,” says CEO Dennis Wulf.  “In just a short period of time, he has helped many of our clients achieve savings and efficiencies they’ve not experienced before, and we look forward to the contributions he and his team will continue to make for all parties associated with Innovatus Imaging.”


Innovatus Imaging was formed in 2017 following the merger of Bayer Multi Vendor Service, Wetsco, and MD MedTech. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Innovatus Imaging operates Centers of Excellence focusing on increasing efficiencies, reliability and durability of imaging device repairs for ultrasound probe and MRI coils, among other activities.