Aktiia—a provider of continuous blood pressure monitoring tech—announces that it is bringing its 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor to the United States.

Aktiia’s 24/7 Blood Pressure Monitor features an optical sensor at the wrist, which measures around the clock, providing data that can be instantly viewed in a mobile app and easily shared with a physician or family member. It has already received the CE Mark as a Class Iia medical device and is currently available for sale in seven countries across Europe.

To date, tens of thousands of units are in use and over 20 million readings have been captured. Aktiia’s new clinically integrated physician dashboard, launching in Europe in spring 2021, will allow the medical team to be dramatically more effective in patients’ hypertension diagnosis, monitoring and management.

In the United States, nearly 50% of adults, about 116 million people, have high blood pressure. Of these, up to 75% do not have their blood pressure under control. The rate of control is worsening, due in part to low patient engagement and lack of comprehensive data for physicians to properly diagnose and manage their patients.

This ongoing hypertension epidemic is the No. 1 cause of major cardiovascular events like heart attack and stroke, and leads to more than half a million unnecessary deaths every year in the US alone. Aktiia’s approach is designed to remove the patient’s burden of cuff measurements.

Recent large-scale studies have demonstrated that the more consistently a patient stays in their target blood pressure range, the lower their risk of heart attack and strokes.