In a recent interview with members of the Intermountain Clinical Instrumentation Society (ICIS), its president, Mike Busdicker, talked about the association’s quest to offer the development and information its members need, but in such a way where they can participate while finding a “balance” with their personal life.

There is little debate that most of us in every industry are tasked with more but have the same—or less—help as before. After a taxing day at work, it can be a challenge to find the time and energy to attend an association meeting, even though it offers training, support, and professional growth.

Our upcoming October issue will feature what ICIS is doing, but if your association has found a way to balance this mix, sharing your ideas here can benefit biomed organizations possibly struggling to survive.

And, if your clinical/biomedical engineering department has found a way to “balance” the workload, you can share those ideas here, or in our Annual Compensation Survey, available online until October 1. It’s confidential, but I will share helpful comments (anonymously) in future postings. Finding balance doesn’t always come easily, but collaborating and sharing ideas can help smooth the rough places.