U.S. PIRG says based on a new survey, success of on-site biomedical engineers and technicians refutes manufacturers’ argument against Right to Repair.

In a new survey conducted by U.S. PIRG’s sister organization, U.S. PIRG Education Fund, 67% of medical device repair professionals reported that they or their team fixed a device that the manufacturer could not repair. This finding undercuts manufacturers’ claim that they offer better-equipped service technicians. Manufacturers often assert that to justify restrictions on repair materials. 

“Manufacturers’ claim that they alone offer high-quality service is false. In fact, they are outperformed regularly by independent biomedical engineers (biomeds),” said U.S. PIRG Right to Repair Campaign Director Nathan Proctor. “Manufacturers don’t have a monopoly on quality technicians, but they are monopolistically restricting access to parts, access keys and service manuals.” 

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