According to a new study by ReportLinker, the U.S. endoscope repair landscape will see stable pricing levels over the next five years. Even so, the study—titled “US Endoscope Repair Solutions Market, Forecast to 2022”—points to a mild downward pressure, due to the increasing penetration of ISOs, which are expected to gain market share.

However, OEMs will be the dominant participants in terms of both repair volume and value. While the overall endoscope repair market is driven by procedure volume—and not as much by repair type—and is application-agnostic, gastrointestinal endoscopy, laparoscopy, and neurology are the target market for flexible endoscopes and are the largest revenue-generating segments.

Further, repair probability is driven by manual cleaning, improper reprocessing using automated endoscope reprocessors, usage frequency, and lifecycle extension. Damage to most endoscopes is driven by improper equipment handling during procedures and not due to regular wear and tear.

The study also covers current and forecast market size, as well as current and forecast ISO and OEM penetration in terms of revenue and repair volumes. It offers analysis of budget trends, key influencers, and decision makers in the repair vendor decisions of care providers. Detailed profiles of some key OEMs are provided, with a focus on their endoscope repair capabilities, with an analyst’s perspective on OEMs’ strategic focus on enhancing their repair capabilities. The study also profiles key ISO endoscope repair vendors in the United States.

It offers a matrix, comparing the repair capabilities of key OEMs in terms of indicators such as on-site service support, training and education, technology upgrade programs, repair exchange programs, and virtual support capabilities. It also offers comparison of key ISOs in the United States in terms of onsite service support, mobile support, training and education, repair exchange programs, and loaner programs offered by them.