Sonitor Technologies, a producer of indoor positioning technologies, has introduced several new products at the HIMSS annual conference that expand the company’s Sonitor Sense RTLS open integration platform. The technologies are designed to improve the safety of patients at memory care facilities, address the increased rate of workplace violence, and support temperature monitoring in healthcare and other industries.

SenseAlert technology prevents patient wandering that might result in unauthorized access to certain parts of the facility. The system uses ultrasound to reliably monitor entrances and exits and comes with vandal-proof covers that meet international standards for ruggedness.

T-Tag with external temperature sensor

The Sonitor T-Tag with an external temperature sensor.

SenseSafe technology is designed for duress and safety applications. If staff members or clinicians are facing assault or another threatening situation, they can quickly and discreetly press a button on their tag to immediately provide their exact location, enabling a timely response from other staff or emergency responders.

Finally, the Temperature SmartTag series supports temperature monitoring over a wide range of applications including monitoring of pharmacies, clinical labs, and blood bank storage areas. The tags can be configured to report temperature measurements at regular intervals and come equipped with either an internal sensor or external probe containing the sensor for increased flexibility.

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