SA-2500BC Group International, St. Charles, Mo, has announced the release of its newest model of safety analyzer, the SA-2500, which was created to fill the need for a more capable and user-friendly safety analyzer with AC and DC measurement. According to BC Group, the SA-2500 analyzer is a portable, durable instrument with advanced testing capabilities.

The analyzer’s key feature is the use of microprocessor-based technology to separate and measure AC and DC signals. Since separate test limits often exist for each current, without the ability to generate separate and specific results, users must assume the worst-case scenario. The SA-2500 also can measure the quality of insulation of a product’s power wiring, ensuring insulation of internal wiring is intact and safe resistance between the power wiring and any exposed metal parts.

In addition, the SA-2500 includes the usual features of a standard safety analyzer, the company reports, including line voltage measurement, earth/ground lead resistance/leakage current, point-to-point testing, enclosure/chassis leakage current, external resistance, and external leakage current. The SA-2500 has a universal power supply compatible with line voltages from 90-240 VAC with load currents up to 16 amps. All measurements are true RMS readings.

The SA-2500 can also be controlled remotely from a PC or laptop, which allows users to control measurements and test sequences. Remote operation allows users to produce reports and print results from a computer, while the remote control software enables the capability to generate automated test sequences, providing for repeatable and consistent test procedures that can be shared or sent to technicians as needed.

For more information about the SA-2500, visit the online store on the BC Group website.