CASPR Group has now made its pathogen reduction technology available for tiled ceilings with the introduction of CASPR Blu Tile.

CASPR means Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction, and the introduction of the Blu Tile is representative of the innovative solutions the company has always offered. CASPR’s patent-pending technology converts oxygen and moisture in the air into low but effective levels of hydrogen peroxide, which are dispersed continuously throughout a building, reducing pathogens in the air and on surfaces. The company says this unique technology produces no ozone and is safe for everyone.

“CASPR was founded as a disinfection technology provider for the medical industry,” explains Founder and Chief Scientist Christophe Suchy, PhD. “Now, environmental safety is a key concern for everyone. We are thrilled to make this proprietary pathogen reduction solution available to all businesses.”

CASPR has worked with building managers across the country to determine their needs, and they shared an interest in a disinfection solution that offered both ease of installation and low-to-no maintenance. CASPR Blu Tile can be installed in any tiled ceiling and is suited for all indoor areas where people live or work. The clean, contemporary design aesthetic makes the solution attractive as well.

CASPR’s unique technology is effective on bacteria, mold, and viruses, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus. University studies have shown up to a 99.96% kill rate on surfaces. In addition, the CASPR Blu Tile is effective against odors and VOCs.

“CASPR Blu Tile will be a game-changer for business owners and building operators,” says CASPR CEO Scott Wheeler. “The ease of installation and minimal maintenance makes it a perfect solution for businesses, restaurants, hotels, and even nursing homes.”

The Blu Tile uses photocatalytic oxidation (PCOx) to turn oxygen and ambient moisture into safe levels of gaseous hydrogen peroxide that disinfect the air and surfaces. Once installed, it will run continuously. The CASPR Blu Tile is designed to be easily maintained via a convenient door to access essential parts. The PCO cell in the unit must be replaced every two years for optimal performance.

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Featured image: CASPR Blu Tile (Courtesy: CASPR)