Ekahau Inc has joined the Juniper Networks Technology Alliance program as a foundation partner. As part of the collaboration, Juniper’s family of WLAN controllers and access points will be integrated with Ekahau’s RTLS and WLAN planning and analysis tools.

Unlike traditional RFID systems, the Ekahau RTLS system can leverage Juniper’s wireless networks to derive real-time location, status, and other information about Ekahau Wi-Fi tags without requiring any proprietary sensors or readers. The tags in the Ekahau RTLS system use Juniper’s WLAN to incorporate advanced two-way communications capabilities that alert staff through the tag itself. The system also allows users to initiate alerts, alarms, requests, and other workflow and safety related events.

Ekahau RTLS can be deployed locally to serve a single building or campus, or it can be installed in a data center to provide enterprise-wide visibility in internal or externally hosted cloud architectures. As part of the deployment of Ekahau RTLS, Ekahau’s Wi-Fi Site Survey suite of products have also been integrated into the solution, giving end-users and systems integrators a toolkit for Wi-Fi network planning, verification, and tuning along with deploying Ekahau RTLS.