Cyberattacks in healthcare have remained a constant industry pain point, and cybersecurity professionals are constantly looking for ways to prevent any future device or network breaches

All industries are experiencing the ongoing threat of cyberattacks, and healthcare is no exception. The financial impact of a cyberattack can wreak havoc on the bottom line. More importantly, a cyberattack at a healthcare organization can risk patient safety and cost lives.

In a recent report, researchers analyzed more than 200,000 infusion pumps that automatically deliver medications and nutrients to patients and found that 75% contained at least one known security gap. More than half were susceptible to two known vulnerabilities dating as far back as 2019. Vulnerabilities are the flaws in software or hardware that enable attackers to take unauthorized actions or gain malicious access. Unpatched vulnerabilities leave healthcare organizations at an elevated risk of compromise. After all, it only takes one unpatched vulnerability for a data breach or ransomware attack to occur.

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