IT security company Sophos reveals that more than one-third of healthcare organizations fell victim to a ransomware attack in 2020. Even worse, nearly two-thirds of these organizations said cybercriminals successfully encrypted their data, according to Sophos.

Sophos commissioned independent research company Vanson Bourne to survey 5,400 IT decision-makers across a range of industries worldwide, including more than 300 small and mid-size organizations from healthcare, early this year. The report found ransomware was relatively prevalent in the healthcare sector, with 34% of organizations hit by such an attack in the past year. Of those not hit, 41% said they expected an attack in the future, while just 24% said they felt safe from future attacks.

Healthcare actually fared relatively well compared to other sectors. The global average for organizations attacked was 37%, with the retail and education industries experiencing the highest number of ransomware attacks at 44%.

“With healthcare often making headlines for ransomware attacks, it’s perhaps a welcome surprise that this sector experiences below average numbers of attacks,” the report said. “Their over-representation in the news reports is likely due to healthcare organizations’ obligations to make public an attack, where many commercial organizations are able to keep the bad news private.”

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