As cybersecurity risks remain an ongoing concern for healthcare systems, reinforcing medical device security best practices will continue to be a must for medical organizations.

In today’s world, medical equipment is linked to all other connected devices in a hospital or medical care institution. Built-in sensors in linked medical equipment collect data that may be sent to other devices and the Internet. These gadgets and their data make up the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), which assists in the diagnosis, monitoring, and delivery of medicine.

These ransomware attacks on medical devices demonstrate the impact of cyberattacks and data breaches on the healthcare business, which is highly reliant on linked medical equipment. Patient Health Information recorded and stored in these linked medical devices must be protected. PHI is sent via server-based systems over the cloud, making it highly vulnerable to hackers.

The connected medical devices, which significantly improve patient care and provide better patient outcomes, should be maintained and upgraded to ensure patient safety from the design stage to their use in healthcare organizations or at home.

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